[2] A Prelude

Shy Girl - Jacana and Aries with their pocket dolls

Aries and Jacana, two ten-year-old girls with undiagnosed OAI (over-active imagination), spend their time playing at The Sweet Conservatory – home to tropical birds and plants. In the ravaged and abandoned town of Prince Lee, “The Sweet” is one of the few buildings left standing and mysteriously thriving.

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[4] Tacki!

Shy Girl - flower disguise Shy Girl sits quietly as Muse’s restlessness increases. A strange sound is heard from beyond the pillar grass and the girls decide to investigate. Shy Girl first wraps a flower around herself, putting her nerves at ease. They find Tacki, their beloved pet haicory bird, unresponsive.

Shy Girl series - Tacki's Cure - discover tacki

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[5] I’ve Something To Tell You

Shy Girl - Tacki's Cure - Yonder Flower Illustration

After Muse tells an old story of her father and his fateful journey to find the yonder flower, a plant flowing with healing blood, the two dolls head home to pack their bags. It is said that the yonder flower will only survive if: 1) You only take what you need and 2) You do not remove it from Sky Island.

Shy Girl spends five minutes, not a second more or less, in her chair, in her living room, sitting quietly. Then she stands up and walks out the door where she sees Muse waiting patiently on the road, with a big smile on her face.

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[6] The Journey Begins

Shy Girl and Muse begin the journey outside The Sweet Village

Muse, understanding her friend’s anxieties, tries to distract her with comical and, often, calamitous adventures of her father. A favorite being about the time her father ate a red uplicon, the spiciest food on the planet – which has ended many lives due to SED (sudden extreme dehydration).

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[7 & 8] What the!?

Shy Girl - Travelling Tree Trance, Children's Illustrated Book

After a long, sunstroked walk, Muse and Shy Girl encounter a grove of palm-type trees. Shy Girl and Muse simultaneously bring their gazes up a long, thin trunk until they see its beautiful tropical leaves extending into the sky. As the girls stare, mesmerized, their pace slows down to a shuffle and all of their senses numb.

A tingling in her palm snaps Shy Girl out of her hypnotic daze. When her head clears, she is greeted with a thousand curious eyes looking right back at her from the ground below the palms.

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[9] They’re Blinking

Shy Girl inspects one of the eye plants

Typically, being in front of so many eyes would make Shy Girl want to crawl into a hole in the ground, but these eyes are friendly. She kneels down to get a closer look. Muse is still shuffling down the road like a zombie when she is stirred by Shy Girl’s voice. “Muse! Look.”

Shy Girl has endless questions for the little eyes but Muse convinces her to keep a safe distance.

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[10] Yes!

an eye attaches itselft to the bottom of Shy Girl's shoe 

As Shy Girl stands up, she loses her balance, still feeling the side effects of the tree trance. During a tricky fall prevention maneuver, a sneaky little eye places itself directly in her path. As Shy Girl steps on the eye, it dislodges from its stem and sticks to the bottom of her left shoe, therefore fullfilling the one and only goal of the travelling tree – to travel.

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[11] Lost Control

Shy Girl - The Map to Sky Island

Muse consults her map to see if her father made any notes about the eyes but finds nothing helpful. When Muse looks up from the map she notices Shy Girl is no longer walking beside her. Muse spins around on her heel and follows the sounds of snapping branches. She finds Shy Girl, scared and helpless, speed-walking on a strange path, unable to turn around.


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