[14 & 15] The Gheeps

Shy Girl and Muse are hunted by a large bird - CoalWhile the gheeps collect water, Shy Girl pulls Muse up using a loose vine. As Muse reaches the top, Shy Girl notices a shadow forming on the ground. When she looks up to the sky, she is alarmed to see a bird descending at top speed toward them. Shy Girl grabs Muse’s hand and pulls her under the vine’s canopy leaves. A few seconds later, the ominous bird lands a few feet away.

 Shy Girl - Gheeps return, chasing Coal away

Just in time, hundreds of gheeps return to their nests, beaks overflowing with fresh water, and frighten the outnumbered predator away. Shy Girl and Muse walk and, at times, crawl back to solid ground. Not even Muse makes a sound until they reach the main road, where she suggests plan B. 

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