[13] CRACK!

Muse comforts Shy Girl on their way back to their original path

The girls agree the Audacity Cliffs are no place to rest and recover, so they head toward the main road. Not ten steps later, the ground cracks and slides out from under them. Shy Girl manages to get to a safe place, but Muse disappears over the edge. Shy Girl looks down to the cliff bottom, only to find Muse waving at her from a large nest, surrounded by four blue speckled eggs.

Shy Girl pulls out her tropical bird and plant book and finds an interesting paragraph about gheeps. Gheeps are an ingenious bird family who plant seeds at the bottom of exposed rock cliffs. They tend to their plant as it grows and carves its way up and in and out of the rock, until it’s strong enough to hold and protect up to five eggs.

A rock fall takes Muse with it putting her in a Gheep nest.  Shy Girl - Next Page000_previous


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