[5] I’ve Something To Tell You

Shy Girl - Tacki's Cure - Yonder Flower Illustration

After Muse tells an old story of her father and his fateful journey to find the yonder flower, a plant flowing with healing blood, the two dolls head home to pack their bags. It is said that the yonder flower will only survive if: 1) You only take what you need and 2) You do not remove it from Sky Island.

Shy Girl spends five minutes, not a second more or less, in her chair, in her living room, sitting quietly. Then she stands up and walks out the door where she sees Muse waiting patiently on the road, with a big smile on her face.

Shy Girl, Pack Bags, Children's Book, Illustrated Book Shy Girl and Muse walk through The Sweet VillageShy Girl - Next Page000_previous


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