The Characters and Places

You may be seeing Shy Girl for the first time and not know the who, what, where, why and when. Let me help you with the who and where.

Jacana is a sensitive nine-year-old girl with a brilliant mind. She lives in the town of Prince Lee with her parents, spending most of her time at The Sweet Conservatory with her best friend Aries.

Jacana has undiagnosed OAI (over-active imagination) that comes alive at The Sweet Conservatory. Every day Jacana and her friend get lost in a world called The Sweet Kingdom where they take on different roles and go on unforgettable journeys.

Jacana found a tiny doll, small enough for a pocket, in The Sweet Conservatory hiding behind a flower with a tag attached to it. The tag simply read “Jacana.” Unsure what to name her, Jacana started calling her Shy Girl.

Shy Girl is thought to be mute and can appear rude to others but she is a loyal friend and loves all living things (other than people). She prefers silence, peace and tranquility but can’t ignore her desire to stimulate her senses. When she is outside her comfort zone, always with Muse, a close friend who has the ability to hear her thoughts, she feels more comfortable in a costume or disguise.

Aries is Jacana’s only friend. They are as thick as dandelions. Aries and Jacana play with their pocket dolls at The Sweet Conservatory every day. Aries, being the outgoing, adventurous one, often leads their imaginative play, but understands her friend’s personality more than anyone. She is compassionate and kind…and loves a good hug.

Aries also received a pocket doll anonymously and very quickly gave her the name Muse. Muse is Shy Girl’s best friend and confidant and the only one who can hear her thoughts.

Muse can’t stand sitting still and is always seeking out the next best idea. Muse is patient and understanding when it comes to Shy Girl’s unique personality, and is always rewarded with accompaniment, as long as Shy Girl is given the right amount of time to prepare for it.


Tacki is a haicary, a tropical bird, who was captured and brought to live in The Sweet Conservatory. Tacki has been known to play minor roles in Shy Girl and Muse’s imaginative stories but when he’s not participating, he watches over everyone with a sharp eye. He is a very wise bird and would die for his friends.


Prince Lee

Prince Lee, situated in the Trevail Mountains, was once a town that attracted thousands of tourists every year. The Sweet Conservatory was a main attraction but the valley’s rich and unique ecosystem was a bigger draw. Photographers would come from all over the world to capture the beauty of the rare flowers, plants and animals that thrived there. Weddings, retreats, vacations were constant affairs. It was a special place. Everyone wanted a piece of it. Everyone took a piece of it and in the end there was nothing left except a few people, bare mountainsides, a depleted river and one thriving glass dome.

The Sweet Conservatory

The Sweet Conservatory is one of the few buildings left untouched yet abandoned by Prince Lee’s past inhabitants. It is home to many tropical plants and birds and was, back in the day, a treasured destination. Jacana’s parents fought hard to keep The Sweet safe from the others and have stayed to try and restore the valley and keep The Sweet Conservatory alive.